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Merlin season 4 - episode 6 (A Servant of Two Masters)

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Colin comes to my last take, and he does the clapper board and I’m waiting for the golden wrap, which is where everybody goes around and gives you a goodbye and a well done, and nothing happens. Colin’s just standing there. What I don’t realise is that Colin has refused to go back to the main unit until everyone from that unit comes over, everybody comes down from production, about 150 people, came down, waited 5 minutes– he refused to go back!– ‘til I got my proper golden wrap. I wouldn’t have gotten that had he not been so stubborn. So my final day, instead of being me with a load of people I didn’t know who didn’t really care, I got the entire crew and Colin Morgan– giving me a round of applause. The man’s a legend, is my short story.
by Katie McGrath (via ifindpeopleconfusing)

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"Hiiiiiiiii! Just wanna say one thing: those photosets (they are called photosets, right?) that you put up of modern/vintage Mergana and tag ‘canon what canon?’ Well, I consider it to be canon :) I mean, for all we know Morgana could have been resurrected, and then between Arthur’s death and the finale scene, who knows what could have happened? :P Love your blog!"

i received this as a submission and not an ask, but i figured i would clarify this for newer followers:

canon what canon? is the tag for anything that’s been maniped / scenes taken out of their canon context.

s1 s2 s3 s4 s5 tags are only used when the scene is as it was on the show / promotional image.

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we brushed our hands right back in time 
through centuries 

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